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Here's What We Have To Offer...

Complete Website Design & Implementation Online...

You can expect a truly "plug and play" web site when you let us take the reigns and build an incredible web presence for you.

We are going to develop your entire website and take care of all the little "technical details" that you don't want to deal with.

This is full service web design with a personal, home town approach because we're home town people that believe in working hard for our customers!  We also believe in providing a great value and following it all up with friendly, courteous service.

Here's what's included with your website...

  • Beautiful Design - Your website will be hand crafted using beautiful and interactive designs that instill trust in your visitors and make them want to do business with you.
  • Creative Copy Crafting - With professional copy writing experience under out belt for Fortune 500 companies, movie stars and best selling authors, we have what it takes to inject some fire into your website!  Your visitors will know what you have to offer in a persuasive and compelling way.
  • Customer Enticing Home Page - Your home page is usually the first thing that your visitors are going to see so it's essential that they know what your business is about and why they should do business with you.  We'll pool our collected knowledge in several industries to create a compelling home page that gets people to take action!
  • Product & Service Showcase Page - This page is your place to shine!  Here we list all of your products, services and offerings that you might want to make available to the world.  We'll write compelling descriptions of all of your offerings so that people want to move forward and do business with you.

  • eMail Infused Contact Page - Your contact page is where your customers will go when they want to initiate contact with you to make a purchase.  We make your contact page highly interactive with a cool contact form that people can fill out that will automatically send it directly to your e-mail!  We will also attractively display your other contact information such as name, phone number and physical address.

  • Privacy Statement Page - The Internet can be a crazy place and you absolutely need to have a Privacy Statement page.  A privacy statement page is just a legal document that lets people know that your site collects information (like if they fill out a contact form to buy one of your products!).

    This has always required an attorney but we are providing it without ANY additional charge and best of all, it's totally customized to your business.

  • Domain & Web Hosting - A domain name is your web address such as "JoesAutoShop.com".  A hosting account is the place on the Internet that stores your files so that the world can see them.  Both can be expensive but we cover your first 30 days of hosting and your first year of your domain name saving you a bundle.  See more about this service under the "Full Maintenance & Management At An Incredible Value" section at the bottom of this page.

  • Search Engine Optimization - This is an absolutely vital part of having a website!  Without a professional optimizing your web site, people won't even be able to find your business when they type it's name in Google!  We do all of the technical optimization of your pages for search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

  • Complete Web Management - You need someone to monitor your website to make sure that it's running fast, staying online and working properly to serve your visitors and potential customers.  This is another absolutely amazing thing that we offer that's included for the first 30 days after your purchase.  Again, learn more about this under the "Full Maintenance & Management At An Incredible Value" section below.


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Full Maintenance & Management At An Incredible Value...

One thing that other web designers don't offer is ongoing web maintenance.  The majority of web designers just don't have this functionality or the ability to host websites.

We here are WebDesignRush.com have the ability to host your website and take care of your domain name as well.

Hosting can cost you anywhere from $20-$40 a month for a decent web host and domain names cost between $20-$35 a year.

Our maintenance package includes hosting, your domain name and something even more valuable...

We watch your site and monitor the technology that is housing it so that your site is always online and never goes down.

Managed web hosting will cost you a minimum of $75 for a very low end package but we include this service for you!

Management of your site including the cost of your hosting and domain name are included for a measly $15 a month.  That's the all inclusive, total cost.

You cannot get this service stand alone.  This is a service only available to our Web Design customers.

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