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WebDesignRush.com Is The Home Of Fast & Affordable Web Design For Local Businesses!

Are you looking to add an online presence to your online business so that you can broaden your reach and increase your profits?

You're not alone.

Sadly, 95% of ALL local businesses aren't on the web because they lack the technical knowledge that's required to build an effective website.  WebDesignRush.com has changed all of that!

corpus christi web design

Here's Just Some Of What  You Can Expect When
You Let Us Design Your Web Presence...

The following are just some of the "pillars" we set in making sure that you receive home town service with high grade quality...

Here's a brief description of each one:

Home Town Service - We all know what it feels like to deal with a company that hides behind their corporate name.  You don't usually get the service you want and getting someone on the phone who cares or can actually do something to help you is nearly impossible.

Not at WebDesignRush.com!

We are a very small company with a few people generating new business and one, yes only ONE person working directly with you and designing your website.  We aren't putting our hundreds of websites a month but rather working one client at a time in a personal, home town way.

We believe in giving you extremely personalized service and will always strive to live up to that high standard for you.  You will always be able to get an answer from the person "in charge"!

Hard Work - In this information age, people have become pretty lazy.  As a local web design business, we believe in hard work.

We hail from Alaska originally (although not our home now) and worked hard, physically demanding jobs from early on in life.  You will notice that work ethic when you see how much effort we put into creating an awesome web presence for you and making sure that you're happy.

Personal, Courteous Service - Unlike big companies who try to hide behind voice mail systems or support desks, you can get in touch with us anytime.

We check e-mail 7 days a week, 365 days a year. (Yes, that includes weekends and holidays!).  Best of all, you will be in direct contact with the business owner and person who designs your web site directly at all times!

Personal Follow-up - We never leave you hanging.  If we need something from you about your site or anything else, we follow up with you.  You can expect us to make sure that everything goes smooth with your web site!

High Levels Of In House Training - You better believe that we wouldn't be as good as we are at designing web sites if we didn't train ourselves rigorously.

We are constantly engaging ourselves in advanced training when it comes to web design, web commerce and creating websites that are truly effective.

This means that we can offer technologically advanced and cutting edge service to you when creating your web site totally transparently.  We learn the technical stuff so you don't have to!

Customization & Adaptability - Do you have a vision or certain aspect of your website that you need to add something to?

Maybe you have an idea for a cool section of your website that you always thought would be great for your clients or customers.

Whatever your desire, we can make it happen for you.  Just let us know exactly what you have in mind and we'll get geared up to make it happen!

A Creative, Web Minded Professional - If you know that you need a web presence but are just at a loss for what you would like on your website, we can help!

We can offer suggestions and tips for creating an awesome, customer engaging website and make those things happen for you.

All of our experience allows us to share our thorough knowledge of several different businesses and markets with you and help you apply that to your business and web site!

I recommend clicking over to the services page to see what we can offer your business to boost visibility and build you a presence on the web.



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